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Adapting to Serve you

We have had a surprisingly large number of calls from clients wondering if it is still possible to put a will in place. I thought it was important to let you know what we are doing in our practice.

Do Not Panic

Some people are understandably worried about not having the proper documents available to manage their financial and personal affairs in case they are impacted by COVID19.

But there is no reason to panic. With social distancing and other measures we are currently taking, the risk to each individual of urgently needing these documents as a result of the current crisis is quite low.

Peace of Mind for you and Security for the ones you Love

With that said, having a properly drafted will in place is always important. We need to safely allow people to complete the necessary documents that are required when completing a Will. Namely the last Will and Testament, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directive.

How we are adapting to Safely Serve you

Phone Instructions

We take instructions for preparation of all documents over the phone and send drafts for review by email

In office protocols

The biggest challenge has been creating safe conditions for execution of the documents. Where appropriate we can still complete the signatures in person at our office.

To accommodate this, while maintaining appropriate distancing, we have created a set of protocols in our office which have actually been working out quite well.

Home Accommodation

Of course, some are not comfortable or able to come to our office or to leave their home at this time there are other options that we can discuss with each client on an individual basis.

We are here for you and we will continue to offer service for as long as we can do so safely. Our hope is that we can do our part by promoting peace of mind for clients at this very difficult period where everyone understandably has a heightened level of anxiety

Michael Duffy


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